Friday, March 30, 2012

Job Hunting - Confidence

One of the keywords in job hunting is “confidence.” It sounds so simple but it is a stumbling block for many job seekers. Confidence can be defined as the ability to describe yourself, your skills and your experience with self-assurance, knowing you are the right person for the job.

Your resume and cover letter should exude confidence making the reader want to interview you. Use an active voice in your writing, never a passive voice. Every statement should be positive and confident.

At the interview, be prepared. Walk into the room with the confidence you are the person for the job. Know your skills and experience, ready to explain and expound on them in detail. Turn every negative into a positive.

Smile. This has a positive effect on all forms of your communications. Smile when you are writing and it will be reflected on the paper. Smile when you are talking on the telephone the listener will hear your smile in your voice. Smile when talking face to face with the hiring manager and he will hear the confidence in your voice and see confidence in your body language.

The job search process is one of those rare times when it is okay to brag about you. Have fun with it and enjoy getting your dream job.

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