Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Supervisor's Paryer

Thirty years ago mom found a copy of a prayer and stitched a needle point from it. She then framed it and sent it to me. Ever since then I have hung this prayer on the wall directly behind my desk as a reminder of what I need to strive for.

A Supervisor’s Prayer

Dear Lord,Please help me ..........
To accept human beings as they are --
not yearn for perfect creatures,
To recognize ability --
and to encourage it,
To understand shortcomings --
and make allowances for them,
To work patiently for improvement --
and not to expect too much too quickly,
To appreciate what people do right --
not just criticize what they do wrong,
To be slow to anger --
and hard to discourage,
To have the hide of an elephant --
and the patience of Job,
In short, Lord, please help me --
be a better Supervisor.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Timing Your Speech

So you have to give presentation and you are trying to determine the length of your talk. Here is an old tip I use all the time. It may not be politically correct but it works.

The other day I had to prepare a short talk to give at a meeting I had to attend. It wasn't that difficult as it was a subject I was very familiar with but you always wonder about the length and time.

Many moons ago when I was taking Agriculture 1 as a freshman at Aurora High School in Aurora NC we had a short chapter on public speaking. Our teacher, Finley Lewis, gave this simple rule which has stuck with me and guided me in every speech I have made:

"A speech should be like a woman's dress, long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep the interest."

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Author Larry B. Gray and Smashwords Announce His Latest Book Is Now Available On Virtually All EBook Readers

Bartow, Florida April 4, 2012 - - Author Larry B. Gray has published “Problem Solving – Dealing With Employee Issues,” an 18 page booklet which is a must read for all persons in a leadership and management role.
Everyone in a leadership position will have to deal with employee issues. Whenever people work together friction occurs. How you deal with these issues will have a major impact on your success as a leader. “Problem Solving – Dealing With Employee Issues” lays out a systematic approach to dealing with employee issues and the associated problems.
“Problem Solving – Dealing With Employee Issues” can be downloaded at Smashwords at
About Larry B. Gray
Larry B Gray grew up in Eastern North Carolina in the small rural town of Aurora. His early years were spent working on his grandparents' tobacco farm and exploring his world of family, friends and school.
After marrying his high school sweetheart in 1972, he moved to Lakeland, Florida where he spent his adult years raising a beautiful family and working in the citrus industry with over 39 years of manufacturing management experience, selling real estate and being a writer wannabe, all at the same time. In his spare time he attended and graduated from Florida Southern College while working full time and starting a family.
He is still married to his high school sweetheart and has 3 beautiful children and two wonderful grandchildren. Life is not always easy but in the scheme of things it is fun and gets better every day.
Come join him on this great adventure, remembering the past and building the future.

Larry B. Gray