Friday, June 22, 2012

The Circle of Life

Over my first cup of coffee this morning I was thinking about the long summer ahead of us. Yesterday was the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. The Florida heat and humidity is beginning and the air conditioner will be straining to keep up. I am already looking forward to cooler weather.

With this thought bouncing around my 5:00 AM empty brain I opened Facebook on the computer to check my updates. The first one I read my friend Jo Wanmer stated; “It’s the shortest day of the year but some kids don’t feel the cold.” Jo lives near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I had to laugh as the reality hit, we live in a small world. We, and myself especially, get so wrapped up in ourselves and our issues we forget there is a world of differences just beyond our doorstep. When it’s day on one side of the world it is night on the other. When it is the start of summer in Florida, it is the start of winter in Queensland.

My wife and I spent a few days at Walt Disney World earlier this week and we saw the show “Festival of the Lion King”. Excellent show if you ever get chance to see it. Part of it was the song “Circle of Life.” Jo's posting this morning reminded me of this. Whether it is summer or winter it is all part of the Circle of Life.

Isn’t it a great world God has created for us to live in?

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  1. It is a wonderful we world we live in, Larry. Another American reviewed by book recently and was confused until she realised it was set in Australia. She referred to the heat at Christmas time! I love the diversity of nature. Thanks for inviting me to your blog! You're welcome to visit my blog at any time.