Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Listing vs. Selling Your Property

"Do you want to List your property or do you want to Sell your property?" This has become one of the first questions I ask on a Listing Interview. It is surprising how many people, in this market, just want to list their property and if they sell, great.

This type of seller is hard to work with and can be very frustrating to your buyers and you. One of the dead give aways to this type of seller is when they say "I know the price is too high, but bring me offers." If the price is too high you may not get offers. Buyers have too many choices and will not waste time making offers on property that is ridiculously over price.

The seller may not be motivated to lower his price during the listing and continually argue with you about it. A lot of times they will blame you for not bringing offers because "it is always the Realtors fault."

Remember it is not a "Listing Appointment" but a "Listing Interview". You are interviewing the seller just as much as the seller is interviewing you. ASK QUESTIONS! If you do not like the answers it is better to walk away now than after you have invested time and money in a "Property that is Listed" verses a "Property that is For Sell."

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