Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deep Thoughts . . . Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

Don't you get tired of calling people and having them answer the telephone like you are the biggest bother in the world. Isn't this especially true when you are responding to an advertisement or a sign in a yard. If they did not want you to bother them why did they put their phone number on the sign? Heck, if that is the way they answer the phone do I really what to talk to them. I will just take my business somewhere else.

As a sales person have you ever wondered why your business is falling off? Yes, times are bad but is that the only reason you are getting less business than before? Or, is your shrinking business affecting your attitude and your attitude is carrying over into your conversations with potential clients.

Maybe, just maybe it is time for you to "smile when picking up the phone."

1 comment:

  1. Hi Larry, I truly believe in this philosophy. I often tell people in my private life to smile or say hi with a smile, just might make the difference in the receivers life. If we all smiled, just think how much better our planet would be!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!

    All the best,

    Paul Nowaczyk