Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Listening, It Really Is A Nice Day

"Say, Pooh, why aren't you busy?" I said.

"Because it's a nice day," said Pooh.

"But you could be doing something Important," I said.

"I am," said Pooh.

"Oh? Doing what?"

"Listening,"he said.

"Listening to what?"

"To the birds. And that squirrel over there."

"What are they saying?" I asked.

"That it's a nice day," said Pooh.

"But you know that already," I said.

"Yes, but it's always good to hear that somebody else thinks so, too," he said.

From The Tao of Pooh

Are you too busy to enjoy life? Often I find myself so wrapped up in today's issues that I am not really aware of what is going on around me. That is the time that I need to step back, listen and look, or as the old saying goes "take time to smell the roses."

Each of us should never be to busy that we don't listen to what is going on around us.

It really is a nice day, so listen.


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