Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Supervisor's Paryer

Thirty years ago mom found a copy of a prayer and stitched a needle point from it. She then framed it and sent it to me. Ever since then I have hung this prayer on the wall directly behind my desk as a reminder of what I need to strive for.

A Supervisor’s Prayer

Dear Lord,Please help me ..........
To accept human beings as they are --
not yearn for perfect creatures,
To recognize ability --
and to encourage it,
To understand shortcomings --
and make allowances for them,
To work patiently for improvement --
and not to expect too much too quickly,
To appreciate what people do right --
not just criticize what they do wrong,
To be slow to anger --
and hard to discourage,
To have the hide of an elephant --
and the patience of Job,
In short, Lord, please help me --
be a better Supervisor.

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