Thursday, July 26, 2012

Preparing for that Big Interview

Finally, it has finally happened! Your stellar resume and cover letter has landed you an interview. Now what? This is the moment you have been waiting for, the moment when you can sell yourself and get that dream job.

A successful interview is divided into two parts: the preparation and the actual interview. Each part requires time and effort.

Remember an interview is a two-way street. Not only are you being interviewed by the company but you are also making a decision if you want to work for them.

Prior to the interview, research the company and learn as much as you can about the following.

- Its history.

- Its Mission Statement and goals.

- Its philosophy about its people, the community and the environment.

- Its products, services and markets.

- Its locations.

This information will help you shape your answers to the interviewer’s questions. It will make you appear really interested in the company and the position.

You also need to research how to be interviewed and what are typical questions asked by potential employers. The internet provides many examples of interview techniques and sample questions. Practice your answers to the basics questions and always mold your answers to fit the employers’ philosophy wherever possible. You will find it easier to answer the hard questions when asked.

Review your resume and be prepared to expound upon each of your bullet points.  Most interviewers will ask you to elaborate on your accomplishments and successes. This is a time for you to brag.

Another key element to the interview is your appearance. Remember the old rule of “Dress for Success.” It is true that most interviewers form a lasting opinion of you in the first few seconds of meeting you based on your appearance. Here are a few tips.

- You need an interview outfit.

- It should be conservative, tasteful and not a fashion statement.

- It should be appropriate to the job level to which you are applying.

* I recommend dressing one level above.

* Business casual will be appropriate for most non-executive job      interviews.

- Wear appropriate shoes.

* Polished and clean.

* No tennis shoes, flops, or casual sandals.

* Depending on the nature of the job, ladies may want to avoid wearing high heels. This is for safety reasons if there is a facility tour.

- Limit jewelry and especially limit cologne.

Arrive on time. Being late is the kiss of death for an interview. If you are running late call and let them know.

Now all you have to do is WOW them with your brilliance.

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  1. What a great post and what good suggestions--especially the ones about researching the company and knowing its history, its mission statement, its products, etc.